MAX KEISER & George Galloway, watch and learn......

Max Keiser with George Galloway, absolutely magnificent. Watch and Learn. Ditch the corporate floozies...

The banksters are not going to stop stealing money. The corporate criminals are not going to stop stealing money. The insider-trading, lobby-bribe accepting politicians are not going to stop letting their masters steal money. The war profiteers are not going to stop igniting wars. The employers are not going to stop automating jobs.And the scandals just keep on coming.You need only look at UK's own history & there you'll find that 'bailing out banks' isn't a 21st century phenomenon! It was done in the 20th century & the
economy? when the 'debt based currency' failed! was saved! Almost overnight!! How? The introduction of the Bradbury Pound! It can be done just as fast & easily AGAIN! A SOLUTION to this imaginary FIAT DEBT! Adams etc.? Capitalism fails! Time & again! We should create a new banking system immediately, putting Max and Stacy in charge.

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