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Paul Craig Roberts & Max Keiser on the Edge - 01-06-2012

Paul Craig Roberts interviewed by Max Keiser on the Edge Press TV - 01-06-2012 Paul Craig Roberts, is a former Reagan administration official and columnist,Paul Craig Roberts. He is the author of How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds and other titles. "You can rob a Bank with a gun But you can rob the Whole , Roberts is right. The solution is simple. Refuse to pay the Central Banks anything on the grounds that their phony money never existed in the first place. Fiat currency is not backed by anything except the collateral of the human beings that are indentured from birth as tax-debt slaves. The baby had no choice in the matter, no knowledge of his enslavement. Just refuse to pay bankers, or pay them the same way they invented the fake money they gave us. Give them a piece of paper! World with a Bank "