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Mike Maloney on the Keiser Report: Cables, Crises & Cyber Currencies (E106)

This time, Max and Stacy talk about stock market riots, p2p currencies and the banking solvency crisis. In the second half, Max talks to Mike Maloney of about currency crises, China's gold and the silver market.

Doesn't even matter if the USA falls you actually think things will change? They won't the real enemy where always the banksters. There is a reason why he keeps saying banks. The private corporation with the banks are the real assholes/cancer of the world.

The US White House sold out to these guys long ago by putting the federal bank. Looking at history others in the past in the US have remove a center bank before. Only this time these new banks got a hold of the world by the balls.
The Federal Reserve as Federal as Federal Express is an unconstitutional crime cartel that is hell bent on destroying America, and what little credibility the Dollar still has left. They do this with the full help of the Community Organizer in Chief President Barrack…