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Max Keiser on the Alex Jones 08 November 2011

Max Keiser is a genius. Why doesn't everybody go to crabrevenge and spread the good fortune to the tsa!!! Hilarious! Everyone needs to give TSA workers lice when they try to grope you.Crab Revenge. I looked it up. My mind isn't going to let go of this one until I find a Damn you Max Keiser! Also, there is the Bill of Rights on a metal plate that sets off the scanners. When TSA pulls it out, they are reading the rights they are violating. See Bill of Rights Security Edition. If they want to use chemical warfare instead of biological warfare then using a disposable athletic bag that has been rubbed down with poison oak is a winner, unfortunately the baggage handlers and others have to go along for the ride. Hard to prove conspiracy with items commonly found in nature, and symptoms of urisol poisoning don't come up for 24 hours.