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On the Edge with Max Keiser 23 October 2009

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Tags On the Edge with Max Keiser Freedom Liberty Individual Right Virtue Ethics Morality Constitution Truth Justice Prudence Temperance Fortitude Private Property Ron Paul libertarian Revolution 1776 New World Order Federal Reserve Republic Tyranny Consumerism Corporatism Monopoly Global Warming Cap & Trade Indoctrination Control RFID Chip Alex Jones Oath Keepers law enforcement Military Militia Veteran Private Property Daniel Hanna Conservatism Ron Paul Judge Napolitano Freedomwatch HR1207 S604 Audit the Fed Federal Reservee Creature from Jekyll Island CFR Council on Foreign Relations Banksters IMF World bank End the Fed Gold Silver Jesse Benton Jake Towne Adam Kokesh maresco Liberty Rider Oath Keepers Richard Mack Congress Unemployment Sound economy Dollar Yuan China Currency Lo Argentina Bank Banks Collapse Corporations Corruption Economic Government IMF Neo-liberal Policies Swindle Theft W…