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Max Keiser : Hang The Bankers

Max Keiser : It's about time people wake up and listen to what he has to say. The cancer in the financial system has to be removed, these "bankers" are white collar thugs, worse than the mafia, and they know it. The jig is up.

Look at what the Bankers did to the world, Greece, the European Union, the UK and US economies, Iraq, Syria, Libya- Gaddafi and look at what they now plan to do to Iran. If we don't hang them, they're gonna gas us in FEMA camps or bomb us with nukes as soon as WWIII starts- which is any day now. Goldman Sachs did steal our money and they are still doing it. They are a bunch of stinking thieves. And yes, Max Keiser is right. For capital crime should be capital punishment. Not only that, ill gotten funds should be confiscated. Banksters should be regulated with the zeal as organic and milk farmers, hopefully even abused as much.