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Michael Hudson on The Keiser Report

Banks; banking, finance institutions as we know it are dinosaurs, they will die of a lack of suckers and the cancers that are within. Great job Max Keiser   and Stacy. Max's talent of disdain is growing into an art form. I think it's great.How can WallStreet, IMF, World Bank, international banking systems, national banking of USA and different nations in EU all come together to the same conclusions at the same time, all pointing to the same goals that are stripping the national assets, freedoms and identity of so many countries ?
Well, if they were Chinese leading the administration boards of all this organizations, it wouldn't be a problem to name them : "CHINESE DID IT" Capitalism has nothing to do with competition. It is simple system in which capital, i.e. wealth (which belongs to the wealthy, and NOT the "stinking mob") is invested to make a return. Capitalists don't compete, the people who seek the investment compete for their capi…