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Max Keiser interviews Peter Schiff on Inflation

Max Keiser interviews money manager, economist author and radio host Peter Schiffto talk about inflation : "yo know you get this Keynesian or neo Keynesian idea that inflation or economic growth or unemployment high unemployment are somehow mutually exclusive that as long as you have a slack in the economy and i.e. resources and unemployed workers that you cannot have inflation , I mean no matter how much money the government prints that prices are not going to rise and that nonsense in fact reality is just the opposite people who are employed in making things keep prices down in fact prices will fall if you have a lot of people making things because the supply of hings goes up and so the price of those things can go down , when people aren't working and aren't being productive you have a scarcity in production and that makes prices go up you throw cheap money on top of it , you have inflation being created by central banks and you have more and more money chasing the di…