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Max Keiser: Americans Are Euthanized by Big Banks

The human race is not ready/mature enough for a Type 1 civilization and pushing us towards it will only result in a hard restart that could potentially bring us back to the stone ages. I believe that this has happen in our past (possibly multiple times). A world wide event that "restart" civilization would be extremely hard to prove as little evidence would remain, aside from what is passed on orally by the fragile survivors whose survival now becomes priority over all other concerns.

Max Keiser ~ The Budgetary Chainsaw Massacre

Max Keiser ~ The Budgetary Chainsaw Massacre David Cameron can't even tie his shoelaces let more run the country and save it from debt and a doom economy. Then again the powers at be wouldn't want a hero who can think and work things out. JFK came close though but the puppet masters disagreed with his decisions and the rest is history. I agree with a horror movie like nightmare on 10 / 11 downing street, heck that's enough to spook ghosts in a graveyard anytime