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Max Keiser : Germany is now able to reestablish the 4th Reich controlling all Europe through the Banking system

Max Keiser : Germany now have all pieces in place to reestablish the Fourth Reich , they have the ability now to control the entire Eurozone through the German Banking System .The banking cancer just becoming worse in the Eurozone and in Greece . Obama is a puppet and like most presidents, prime ministers, politicians and are all in for the money and form a league with people like bankers and other moneymen especially those in large corporations to go against nations they are meant to govern. Essentially betraying civilians at all angles.China owns USA. If, (when) , they decide to stop buying US debt, the dollar is sunk. The empire is nearly over, just like every empire in history. The US/Murdoch propaganda about "exporting freedom and democracy across the world" was never true. If you still think USA has been a force for good in the world, try asking the rest of the world what they think first.