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Max Keiser : Germany Wants all Gold in Europe

Max Keiser : Germany to 'save' euro, endgame gold

The Eurozone is part of the globalist elite's plan to kill-off the less productive people thru mass national poverty. I used to think the "de-population" plan was just a lot of imaginitave rubbish. I now know better. De-population will not occur via nuclear strikes or massed armies; It will occur thru disenfranchising and impoverishing people to the point of starvation. One country at a time..... If these countries stayed with a gold standard, there would be no problems. What good is it if you amass all the gold? You have to eat, so you're going to have to let some gold go, that's how it works. Gold's been used as a monetary metal for over 6000 years. Just in the last 100 years we've been using paper and look we that has led us.