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Max Keiser : MF Global Money went to JPMorgan

Max Keiser is a genius.Max Keiser is a well informed man, he is telling the true . When Max says: "He does not know how to run a brokerage..." he alludes to gambling procedures where customer bets are balanced out against each other. No risk for brokerage. Just commissions. Corzine "didn't". It's not that he didn't know, it's that he wanted to rig bets instead of just broker them. Corrzine chose winners for himself and losers for his customers. He siphoned off ALL winners and ditched the operation. It is typical. It is what the big dogs did and got bailed out for with TARP.

The regulations and taxes (eg. the Financial Transactions Tax) would have applied to the whole of the UK and used to crush small and medium businesses. The corporations and banks could have easily coped with the new taxes and regulations, which they authored after all. The global elites control the EU, Goldman and JP Morgan wanted Britain to be part of the fiscal union. How…