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Max Keiser The Truth About Markets USA 08.21.2010

Rigged market capitalists and banking oligarchs are at war with the people. With the collusion of the politicians and the central bank they own, bankers have created a gulag casino state designed to annihilate competition and prosperity. Financial war reporter, Max Keiser, a former Wall Street banker and options trader, knows how the markets are rigged to explode at the push of one deliberately fat finger. With co-host, Stacy Herbert, the Truth about Markets team warns you of market manipulation, fraud and scandal before it destroys your wealth and opportunity. Max Keiser presents financial investigations and entertainment for television networks around the world, including Aljazeera English, BBC Worldwide, PressTV and RT. He previously hosted a CBS/KLSX Los Angeles, a segment of Access Hollywood for NBC. He's the creator of the Hollywood Stock Exchange and inventor of the virtual specialist technology on which the exchange operates. It's time to rise up against the financial …