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Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report with Max Keiser On The Edge

On the Edge with Max Keiser 30 Oct 2009
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Max Keiser on Channel Five News The Financial Anarchist

this interview is old but still very good to watch :
Max Keiser appears on Channel Five News to talk about Karmabanque hedge fund / boycott of Coca Cola.

Max Keiser coke boycott karmabanque hedge fund activist

China financial war on derivatives contracts for their banks

China's financial war on derivatives contracts for their banks

Max Keiser talks to Stacy Herbert about China reneging derivatives contracts

recorded on September 5th 2009

中国 = China

孫子 = Sun Tzu


温家宝 got the US by the balls

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G20 finance ministers and central bankers have agreed a series of measures to curb excessive bank bonuses, including spreading payments over a number of years, inserting clawback provisions in contracts and forcing financial firms to reveal high earners in annual reports.

Meeting in London at a summit chaired by Alistair Darling, the chancellor, the G20 finance ministers instructed the new Financial Stability Board (FSB) to come up with detailed proposals, some of which will be available in time for the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh later this month.

They deferred a decision on imposing caps on bank bonuses. Officials said caps on individuals …