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Gonzalo Lira & Max Keiser - US financial economic collapse

Max Keiser interviews Gonzalo Lira ...When torture became legal, and Guantanamo became Okay , and Bush called the constitution a "Goddam piece of paper" it was time to ACT or LEAVE. I knew then it was over . You cant fight corruption when its at the VERY TOP !! Criminals at the highest level of Government They own the Money, They control the police and Military ! They make and brake the laws , they fill the prisons for profit !! Id say its been time to leave the US since BUSH. People are too zombie on Pharma drugs to even care, hell 39% of the kids are on happy pills. Its hopeless .If Ron Paul, does not win the elections It's curtains for the USA. Good Luck America, you're gonna need it. The American Bolshevik, is well under way.Max Keiser is the man Ron Paul 2012