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Max Keiser on the Alex Jones Show - 14 Feb 2012

We need more of Max Keiser ! My faith in human nature is at an all-time low with respect to the lack of stockbrokers speaking out about the crimes that go "unseen" as Max mentions.These Globalists know how to use FEAR, Remember when the death squads paraded the streets of Argentina WE ALL COLLECTIVELY sighed THANK GOD ITS OVER THERE!. And IT Can't happen here, BUT that one statement has trapped us all, a simple human emotion of fear twisted to invade Iraq, to kill millions. It's corporate fascism, not socialism. They are the same ultimately under the control of Authoritarians. People are controlled, they lay the smack down on the populous, and you work for nothing and do as your told.Wait till the USD is worth less than grass. The USD will soon lose it's place as the world's reserve currency, then you'll see why Max and others have moved abroad.