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China is buying the planet's Farmlands with US Dollars

On the Edge with Max Keiser - 10 July 2009
Max Keiser today have Michael Hudson , Max today speaks about the financial scandals that are engulfing the world , or what Max calls Financial Genocide , Goldman Sachs the biggest market makers and manipulators according to Max Keiser , the government take on banks debts to make them insolvents this is the opposite of what England did to get rid of its public debt after the war "the south sea bubble "
The program trading scam and algorithms that are being used to manipulate the market , a former employee of Goldman Sachs was arrested for allegedly stealing the source code of Goldman Sachs program trading software
China and Gulf States buying up Africa and other parts of the worlds farmlands and getting rid in the same way of their accumulated trillions of dollars in US paper money...

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