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This is no more economics this is a Gambling Economy Max Keiser

On the Edge with Max Keiser - 26 June 2009
Max Keiser today speaks about Goldman Sachs wall street the global financial system the financial heist operated by Goldman Sachs the bailouts , Henry Poulson who happened to be the former CEO of Goldman Sachs helping the banks with the people's money and not the other way around ...the Goldman Sachs bankers filled up their pockets with tax payers money with this extortion scheme , The FED bailing them out , Obama administration doing nothing to stop this...Max then speaks with Stacy Herbert from London ..China and other countries following the USA in its bailouts politic big portion of that money going to the Gambling haven Macao to increase liquidity in the casinos , there is a gambling class and a working class said true....the Nikkei is Japan is soaring fueled by speculation and Chinese boom...
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