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Max Keiser: Congress Will Try -- By Secret Vote -- to Retroactively Legalize Foreclosure Fraud

Call Congress and Say NO
HR 3808
Washington's Blog
Nov 17, 2010

As I've previously noted, forgery of mortgage documents is systematic and widespread. See this, this, this, this and this.

Yves Smith pointed out last month that congressional bill H.R. 3808 is an attempt to paper over rampant criminality by the big banks regarding forged mortgage documents:

We are seeing more recognition of the consequences of this [widespread problem] , which in more polite company might be called, "My dog ate your mortgage."

***One sighting (hat tip 4ClosureFraud) is the effort by the Ohio Secretary of State to enlist support against a proposed measure to allow for electronic notarizations. The Secretary hints strongly that this measure being put forward is directly related to the revelation of affidavit improprieties, which further suggests that the banks might regard this as a remedy for this particular, um, lapse:

H.R. 3808 is known as the "Interstate Recognitio…