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Is Andrew Maguire, Max Keiser Soze?

Andrew Maguire Max Keiser Gold Siver CTFC GATA Manipulation Price The Usual Suspects Kaiser Soze Keiser Soze Peter Schiff Bob Chapman Bill Murphy Adrian Douglas The Bullion Boy TheBullionBoy crash JP morgan Buy silver . Andrew maguire was supposed to speak at the cheviot sound money conference and cancelled at the last second. max keiser soze was there though... things that make you go ...max is playing them at there own game, i think it is a brill way to expose them, i bet jp Morgan have been running around for mouths looking for AM to bump off. max is on the right side so just remember that! he has said more and shown us more than any other on the running of this silver paper freud. they would just love us to start shooting each other come on seriously