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On the Edge with Max Keiser 31 July 2009

Max Keiser on the Edge this week will be talking with Dimitry Orlof who wrote an essay in which he compares the collapse of the US to that of his native Soviet Union then he speaks with an anonymous caller from San Francisco California about the housing bubble how badly is California hit the IOUs the Dot Com bubble etc...but first Max runs a couple of clips from the internet , the first one is quite old really and it talks about how easy it is for the FBI to listen and track any cell phone they practically can remotely use your cell phone as a microphone to listen to you even when the cell phone is off , nothing really new here , they can do that to any phone including land line phones , they can also use the power grid to access your PC and a lot of other sneaky tricks , people tend to do not understand that they are not anonymous at all , practically all software and even hardware is backdoored by the manufacturers and the authorities , the second clip is of a woman showing her bir…