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Max Keiser : Alien Bankers Leave Earth Alone

it's all a giant fraud the entire economy, the economy that's fake anyways... wake up! There is one answer to all this fraudulent debt and that is to default on the debt. Wipe the slate clean and start over. We all know these banks created this imaginary wealth through fraud. All bankers should be Probed on a daily basis .Tim Geithner supporting fraud ? What is the FBI doig about it ? Again nothing ? Money money money. Do we really need money to live? Look around, the things we make buy are made to break. Clean Food, Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Shelter, Clean Free Energy, pollution free transportation, do we really need money? I wonder what conversations would sound like, if money did not exists and we just help each other out instead. If you notice, most conversations either revolve around fixing problems created by money or how to spend the excess. Alas there have nots, then haves. Poverty sucks.