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Max Keiser on 5 Live with Rachel Burden ; G20 meeting

Rachel Burden talks to Max Keiser about the G20 meetingrecorded on March 15th 2009WHEN GORDON BROWN SOLD BRITAINS GOLD, much to the shock of Goldman Sachs and the central bankers, in 1999 gold stopped falling; and, because Goldman Sachs short position was so large, Goldman possibly could suffer catastrophic losses.This is when Englands then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, on May 8, 1999 announced England would sell over 50 % of its gold reserves, 415 tons of the most precious metal on earth at the very bottom of the market.The decision to sell Englands gold thereby saved Goldman Sachs and insured the political future of Gordon Brown. Goldman Sachs is still in business and Gordon Brown is now the Prime Minister of England—proving that good things come to those who do the bidding of the powerful