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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Max Keiser : Gold is going to $7000/oz at the least before next April Collapse

It's under current unconstitutional governments that these banks and unscrupulous corporations have thrived. I understand people are upset at the banks and corps., but we have to look at the source of Power. The reason money flows into politics in the hundreds of millions is because of the Power that exists in politics, the Unconstitutional Power. We must dismantle government and the FED first, if we want these dishonest banks to fall. We fight the enemy we see, not the one we don't.


  1. What people don't realize is China is in partnership with The Too Big To Fails and Russia is in partnership with china because of their partnership with China and Russia they already control the Democrats and republicans parties and are doing what Russia and China wants them to do,and they will make a lot of money from the war too and a lot of friends and a lot of enemies for the U.S.A. They have both parties bought off.CHINA AND RUSSIA GOT IT MADE!!!!

  2. The Too Big To Fails in the U.S.A. are in partnership with the Too Big To Fails in CHINA, CHINA is in partnership with RUSSIA,their plan is for the fight 5 Muslim countries under Obama, then all the Middle Eastern Countries until all the U.S.A. military is destroyed.They will bring in U.K. soldiers over to the keep the people under control under the U.N. flag they are afraid the U.S.A. mi
    litary might join in with the people in a revolution to restore the constitution.China makes 98% of the U.S.A. military parts so they will make a lot of money from the war and make a lot friends too.The U.K.soldiers will also disarm people of their guns.The invasion will take place when the U.S.A. is almost converted to a card system to replace cash money, peoples money will be in a card.The U.S.A is now slowly being converted to communism. What they see on the news is what they want them to see.That is the reason china has our factories and our technology because of their partnership.The people was betrayed by the Too Big To Fails for One World Government with the China and Russia as the in enforcers of The New World Order.They will destroy all the U.S.A. nuclear submarines and drop nuclear bombs on the cities and take the rest over.They have about 95% of the politicians bought off,they only know what they are told and they do it for money and power.

  3. hey moe hare wake up and smell the coffee before you publish what are 50,000 uk army people gunna do
    u r a dolt eat doughnut with ur coffe and wake up to FOODALISM IT IS FOODAMENTAL TO EVERYTHING,7BILLION people 1,000 caeries a day can you grow that?



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