Max Keiser : Fecal Alchemy

Fecal Alchemy - The banks let you pay for something of value, then turn the economy to shit, confiscate your shit, then sell your shit as gold again. In the early 90's when used car lots that had similar scam. They would sell a car and provide financing. Then they would jack up the rates, repossess the car and sell the same car again. This way, they managed to sell the same car over and over again. I never expected this to become The Entire US Economy.

America is on death watch. Its been a sucker for Hydrocarbon money. This is where its foreign policy is made for military intervention & BIG OIL. Europe has labled Canada oil sands a dirty oil. Both Canada & U.S. have little plans for New Nukes (small reactor) power plants for energy along with other renewables.

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