Max Keiser at SPIEF 2012: European Crossroads - Post-crisis Scenarios with Peter Lavelle

On The Money: Euro Patient - Max Keiser : What we are watching is the banksters consolidating their power in Europe. The only cure is to use real money instead of interest based fiat currency. You cannot get out of debt by borrowing more fiat currency.

Provide choice of currencies. Every nation should have their own currency. Then they can have a TRADE currency ( call it the Eurotrader ) for trading between countries. But the idea of one currency to unite all the countries of Europe is a bad idea.German manufacturing industry has hugely benefited from artificially cheap fake currency and customs union. That's the fact. If there wasn't Euro, their entire industry would be wiped out by the floods of cheap Chinese products.The reason Germans are able to buy domestic products is because they have artificially cheap currency €. If they kept D-Mark, importing goods would be much cheaper and their manufacturing industry either have to offshore jobs or go complete bankrupt. That's what happens when country adopts floating exchange rate system.the commie Eurocrats are pushing for a Federal Europe and a centralized European Government..well if that happens there'll be civil war in European wants to lose their own country and have it melted-down into a commie pile of useless land with no national identity...the fuckers are doing all this without asking the people it affects = THE INDIGENOUS EUROPEANS...wake-up people - we're losing our freedom being dictated too.

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