Max Keiser and Reverend Bill Masters on Mott Street 4/12/2012

Max Keiser on Mott Street with the Exorcism of Blythe Masters by Rev. B Talen , USA is becoming a banana republic, US government is completely bankrupt! Washington DC is completely out of touch of the people! Wall Street rules the US and Western Europe! China is right! Print these books in English! USA is Screwed..And Europe well Europe is screwed's refreshing to hear of all of the corrupt financial through Max's point of view. It's not so "gloom and doom" anymore, when I watch the news. It's more like "gloom and doom," then laugh your ass off to Keiser...

, it's fair to make generalizations about 'Americans', after all, some 65% are vested in Wall Street via 401K's and sundry other digital/paper fraud schemes. But an irate minority of GOOD 'Americans' are not vested in Wall Street, and want nothing to do with this current economic beast of a system. To be sure, there are far too many "Go along to get along" types here; they are serious obstacles to tearing down this system. Establishmentarians SUCK! Soon they will all be gravely disillusioned.

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