Max Keiser : Goldman Sachs Cooked The Books

Greece is being pressured to give all control of the Greek budget to the European Union, which it says threatens its national sovereignty.Over regulation is right. They should have just let them fail without the bailout. It would have cleared out the corrupt banks. Let the sphincter do its job! Pinata economics is hilarious, Blasting them with the truth may be the only way. Max Keiser always tells it like it is... the other guy goes on and on about the regulations when the bankers wrote the regulations so they could get away with all of this nonsense. Max is totally right it's criminal and should be punished as such , the dude from Washington is the epitome of American bankers, corrupt politicians, etc attitude towards the country, the people, the truth, reality, etc...DENY DENY DENY until proven guilty while the president enforces "Guilty until proven innocent" on the people. oh hang on a minute....its actually "Guilty if i say so" thanks to the NDAA

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