Europe is imploding - Max Keiser on the Edge -02-17-2012

European economic crisis-On the Edge with Max Keiser-02-17-2012 In this edition of the show Max interviews Constantine Gurdgiev, professor and economist. Constantine Gurdgiev is a Russian economist based in Dublin, Ireland. He is a former editor of Business and Finance Magazine and a regular contributor to Tonight with Vincent Browne on TV3.He talks about the deteriorating situation in Greece economically and politically and what is happening in Italy and how that will impact Greece. The Euro is too big to fail. It will be propped up with freshly printed fiat. Inflation will be spread over the whole Europe .Euro the currency will not collapse, because both China and the U.S. wants a strong euro for their exports. Especially the U.S., its their dream that euro is alot stronger than U$. But U.S. has other battle, they want a strong Chinese Yuan as well, so the U.s. could storm the europe and the world with their cheap exports. The key here is Germany, its up to Germany (and maybe France) for a strong or weak Euro because of Germany´s strong manufacturing/exports.

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