Max Keiser : Greece lost its sovereignty

Max Keiser’s great. His colorful analogies are a welcome change to the banality of mainstream commentators. Where they use obfuscation to exclude understanding, he very succinctly sums up what these banksters are: financial predators and terrorists. Greece should tell the EU. to stick their latest ‘tranche’ of bailout funds, return to the drachma, retain ownership of the remainder of their national assets and tough it out for a couple of years and return to achieving prosperity through the use of their own resources; chiefly visitors coming to see what will be left of ancient Greece. As for the commentator saying they will return to ‘the forties’ if they reintroduce their own currency. Well, that’s certainly an advance on the middle ages which is where they will be if left to the predations of the international banking criminal… sorry, cartels. North America Iceland is the answer. Tell the banker s your gambled our money now we are not paying you to take more. It is their debt let them handle it. Keep your independence and put the debt on those who did it. I don’t understand why more have not seen they lost their money threw these banks and now you and I have to pay them with our money again. Wake up. Demand they take the loss when in fact it was you and me who took the lose. They lost nothing but our money so you own them nothing. Start taking their wealth they took yours.

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