Steve Keen & Max Keiser On The Edge - 07-08-2011

In this edition of On the Edge, Max Keiser interviews Steve Keen, economist and author of the book Debunking Economics. Welcome to the Fascist States of Corporate Bankers (USA) Capitalism, corporatism, and fascism are all the same. They are at different stages of greed, collusion, and influence over govt but the fundamental principles are the same: unbreakable private property rights, ownership, pursuit of profit (i.e. greed is good) capital, both physical and intellectual (i.e control everything). Can survive only with infinite resources. Capitalism is the individual entrepreneurial stage, corporatism is organizing into oligarchy, fascism is control of the government.Communism is an economic model that basically says all property belongs to the state. Where past "communism" failed was the administration/the political side. You can have democratic communism just like China has "capitalism" on a short leash by the state. With democratic communism the people vote tell the state how to use the people's resources. It's kind of like the system currently in place except the tax rate is 100% and you don't have private ownership. Could work in theory.

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