Steve Keen & Max Keiser on the Greek debt crisis

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, report on IMF dowgrades, zombie consumers and a financial circus. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Professor Steve Keen about the Greek debt crisis and Minsky's moment.Greece needs to listen to Max, DEFAULT on the debt, Tell the IMF where to go. All countries need to tell the IMF we are not paying. Look at Iceland, they are coming out of it now after telling the IMF to go to hell.The elite, corporate fascists are bankrupting countries globally via derivatives and financial warfare techniques, the point of doing this is to make all the working ppl have less and for the elite to soak up the the middles wealth, while making the middle continue to work harder and harder for less and less. The corporate fascists blame the victims or middle class for the financial implosions, even though it was the elite who did it on purpose. Govt officials controlled by elite.Great report. Yes this is all good stuff if you want a solution to the debt problems. There are no doubt many things that can work to repair the system. The thing is the destruction is intentional - the powers that be do not want to make things better - it conflicts with their ideology. They want to kill of the poor and the weak and improving the economy is not the way to do it. See the Georgia Stones - look it up on Wikipedia - what more proof do you want!!! The trick is to stay alive!

wages are not set by the demand of employees but by the profit an employee earns. If an employee creates a far greater profit than he is paid then another employer would soon offer the employee a higher paying job to take advantage of the employes profit making ability, thus raising the employees wages, but if consumers are spending less then the employer cannot pay his employees more as there is less profit, so where is this extra money to raise wages going to come from. This plan is flawed.

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