Max Keiser : US going down next after Greece

Max Keiser : "...IMF downgrades the US after raping and pillaging much of the world , the IMF bankers come home to smash and grab what they can from America "
if the euro goes under, the dollar will follow. we have known this for a while. the dollar is already theorieticially defaulted and its value at an all time low. deflation and inflation goes hand in hand. just like a baloon.

They know their fiat currency system will go down and prepare for WWIII The next attack will be on Syria and Iran and the Chinese and Russians know very well what it means for them and the rest of the world that is not yet part of the NWO. I hope the Greeks crash the Euro and the Dollar and WWIII can be avoided. Gaddafi was about to create a gold based currency for Africa and this is the main reason beside pillaging Libya why they want him dead. Google: Gold Dinar

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