Max Keiser on The Alex Jones TV June 05 2011

Max Keiser : The Private Federal Reserve Bank, "A Global Mafia Cartel" Silver is going to explode in price. Here's what happened.The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is rigging the paper market to suppress the price of physical silver. This is a temporary measure.From China to India to America, nations are devaluing their paper currencies to increase their exports. This means silver is TRULY GOING TO BE A GREAT INVESTMENT over the coming years.If everyone pulled there money out of banks, investments and stocks..they would collapse these scum buckets. Then i wanna see what they do, they won't have anyone to rip anyone off anymore. I blame the ppl for this because they enable these scum buckets to do what they do.

The bankers are financial terrorists, but they could never get away with it if they did not get FULL support from congress. Congress has protected these criminals and has made laws that are harmful to the safety and security of American citizens.

This cabal of bankers are working in every country to take them down financially. It is an economic war which turns into an all out and out bloody war.

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