Max Keiser & Gerald Celente on The Edge 25 June 2011

Gerald Celente : The IMf is the International Mafia Federation they're nothing more than the loan sharks of the last resort they're either raping a person or raping a country , people are never going to feel free until we break the banks , break the banks and bring down the bigs or else you are just going to be a chained slave to the system because they got you where they want you , The Banks are the Mafia or Mafias ...the only way out of this is through direct democracy we the people have to vote on issues of healthcare on issues of war on issues of bailouts on issues of regulations of major importance , let the people vote , because this is not a representative type of government (that we have now) the senators and congressmen represent the people who gave the most amount of money so that they can stuff it into their pockets

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