Keiser Report: China + Yuppies = Chuppies (E115)

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, talk about China's ultimate yuppies, America's sheetmetal workers' union and a hundred trillion in new credit. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Reggie Middleton of about the foreclosure crisis and those lucky to miss out on Goldman's Facebook deal.China is destroying themselves by adopting a model that has always failed, and is now failing bigger than ever, when they had the best thing going for themselves.
So how are they supposed to save us when they are busy undermining their own economic foundation?

Considering how many of the Obama administration are Goldman Sachs former/future employees, I don't see how Sachs will ever be prosecuted or punished at all. if they really wanted to fix the economy. they could have given the 500 billion bailout to the people instead of the banks... after all it was OUR MONEY. that's at least 1.5 million dollars per American. the first thing everyone would have done would be to paid off they're mortgages and debt
ultimately all that money would have ended up in the banks anyway. but of course they wouldn't do that... that would require actually helping people its so much easier to just rob us and take our homes too

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