Greece as a viable economy is finished - Max Keiser- Helen Skopis

Sept. 10, 2010... Helen Skopis of Athens International Radio interviews financial analyst, Max Keiser:
On the onset of EuroStat's scheduled visit to Greece in order to secure a solid estimate of the total value of debt hidden by the country through opaque financial contracts. ... Helen Skopis asks financial analyst, Max Keiser his views on the following questions:
1) Why did EuroStat's Director General Walter Rademacher describe its upcoming investigation of Greek "creative financing" as " this is a new era"?
2) Perhaps by stating "a new era" Rademacher indicates a possibility that Greece's debt is higher or much higher than currently reported and that this "new era" actually means new austerity measures will be needed?
3) In 2008, after EuroStat asked countries to report the use of complex swap contracts , Rademacher stated Greece was the only European country which lied, reporting they were not utilized. Is this true? Was Greece the only country which covered up the use of these intricate financial instruments?
4) The extra yield the market is demanding for Greek bonds compared to German bonds is over 900 basis points. When is the yield for Greek bonds going to drop?
5) Germany has shown growth and enjoyed an increase in exports. Why are these facts not acting as a steam engine for the Euro zone economy?
6) Norway's sovereign fund finds Greek bonds safe to buy. Why do other entities think otherwise?
7) Greece is planning to auction 26 week T-Bills on September the 14th. How does Max Keiser foresee the sale going?

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