Max Keiser exposes Goldman Sachs oligarchy on France 24

Max Keiser at his best today on France 24 discussing the Goldman Sachs scams and schemes a huge profits at the expense of American tax payers and starving poors as Max puts it ..."Goldman Sachs have co opted the US government and the Treasury department the federal reserve functionality the Obama administration , barack Obama dances to Goldman Sachs tune ""Poulson held the congress hostage saying give is 700 billion dollars or we are going to crash this market he is an arsonist an outlaw " says Max Keiser who later on gets really emotional "Goldman Sachs is stealing hundreds of millions of dollars a day they should be in the Hague for financial terrorism and thrown in jail " says Max Keiser "It is not too late for gold as it is not late for honesty"

"Goldman Sachs are scum– that’s the bottom line. They have basically co-opted the government; they’ve co-opted the Treasury Department; the Federal Reserve functionality; they’ve co-opted the Obama administration. Barack Obama dances to Goldman Sachs tune. And they are really crooked and abominable in what they’ve done. Just remember, Hank Paulson took Congress hostage– took them in the backroom and said ‘give us $700 Billion or we’re going to crash this market. He’s an arsonist; he’s an outlaw– and yet he’s praised."

Max Keiser didn’t stop there. He continues, naming only SOME of the names from Goldman Sachs now dominating the political-economic sphere in government. Keiser continued:

"If you go down the list, they’re all Goldman Sachs scum: whether it’s Hank Paulson, Geithner has very close ties to Goldman Sachs, and all these banking bonuses are paid out to their cronies, who are Goldman Sachs scum. And America for some reason has allowed this coup d’etat to take place– this silent coup d’etat where Goldman Sachs and their friends now control the U.S. Government and manipulate prices…"

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