Max Keiser on the Alex Jones Show stock up in Gold and Silver and Audit the FED now !

After Alex Jones was guest on The Max Keiser On The Edge show on the Iranian Press TV , now it is the turn of Alex Jones to host Max Keiser on his show..the topics are hyperinflation Obama administration the bond crisis the stock and commodities prices prices exploding despite the fundamentals of the economy are still weak for not saying literally collapsing...the rush to the gold have started amongst fear of inflation , gold silver and palladium prices sky rocketing again , Paulson and Geithner and Ben Bernanke are turning the FED's printing presses at full speed , eastern Europe slipping into a deep depression , western Europe especially Spain Ireland the UK are following the same path Obama is touring the middle east , the dollar is losing ground every day against the gold but also against the Euro , unemployment soaring world wide with risks of uprising and social unrest here and there , the Oil prices start to rally again fueled mostly by the fear of the collapse of the dollar , China's massive purchasing of commodities trying to get rid of its massive amounts of US Dollars...this is not doomsday this is the sad real world and it is just starting...

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